Online gambling has come far. Since the initial introduction of the first online casino game back in 1994 by InterCasino, the industry has grown exponentially. As days go by, more gamblers are joining the online gaming industry. Statistics show that by the year 2024, the online casino industry will be worth around $100bn.

The Technological Age

The introduction of the very first online casino game was a monumental achievement. For the casinos, they can now offer thousands of games on one platform. There is also the drastic drop in overheads; online casinos don’t require large commercial spaces, or a huge team to operate, courtesy of automation. The evergreen casino software developers, on the other hand, offer the best games, and casinos have started the adoption of new technologies such as VR and Augmented Reality. This will be very instrumental in live casinos, as they bring a more realistic and interactive experience.

The internet has favored both the casinos and gamblers. It is the platform which the entire online casino infrastructure runs on. Mobile gaming and the availability of cheap smartphones means that everyone can now access online casinos. Gamblers have the convenience of playing anywhere; at home, at work, at school or anywhere else. An innovation such as HTML5 is now the talk of the town, as it delivers super fast loading speeds and crisp imagery on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Crazy Promotions

Apart from the hyper-marketing on digital platforms, the crazy bonuses online casinos offer are irresistible. Imagine a 500% bonus on your first deposit, plus other deposit bonuses for active players. Free spins for just signing up or even free money to gamble with. All these are traps which any gambler can’t resist. Unfortunately, most of these bonuses have wagering requirements, and by the time you play through, you will have lost all; time to deposit again and continue the cycle.

Problem Gambling

You cannot run away from the undoubted fact that online casino gaming is addictive, way more so than land-based casinos. First, it’s hard for governments to regulate online gambling. Anyone can play, anywhere, including minors, as most casinos don’t really care who’s playing. We’ve even seen juvenile ludomaniacs gambling with money from stolen credit cards. Self-exclusion rules, on the other hand, are not taken seriously.